FinTru is a Regulatory solutions company who works with areas such as KYC, Compliance, Legal, Risk & Controls and Operations.  They design wonderful systems to help their clients with their own needs. Specifically, they design and build solutions for investment banks around the world.

When Damon talked about FinTru to our class, I was really interested in what they do. I felt confident to apply to FinTru due to the training programs offered by Fintru. I am never confident when I am asked to do something without the correct preparation or without any guidance. FinTru has made me a confident man to apply for the post by giving a me a sense of motivation and inspiration. I felt the the care and honesty that FinTru has shown through Damon’s speech. I gained a sense of trust towards FinTru.

I took the opportunity and applied. I made sure that my CV was updated and polished for me to send to FinTru. For every placement opportunity, I make sure that I save them in my handshake profile as a reminder. Unfortunately, I missed the first deadline for Fintru but made sure to apply for the second opportunity.

The process for applying was relatively simple for me to understand. It required my personal details and a copy of my CV. After this step, it asked me why I wanted this position. I made sure to be as clear as possible. I mentioned previous experiences in my answers. I also had a look at Handshake’s website and to read the description of the job. I based my answers using the description, made sure to include my strengths and weaknesses and how I overcame them.

After my application was received by FinTru, I decided to update my portfolio.