FinTru Application

FinTru is a Regulatory solutions company who works with areas such as KYC, Compliance, Legal, Risk & Controls and Operations.  They design wonderful systems to help their clients with their own needs. Specifically, they design and build solutions for investment… Continue Reading →

IXD302- Google forms link

Link to my google forms:

IXD302- Submission Links

CV Link: Cover letter Link: Proposal Link: Presentation Link:

IXD302- Week three Review

  This week the main focus was on the workplace. What I mean by this is the overall meetings, how to speak to other employees, how to dress appropriately for work etc. I was told the information on how to… Continue Reading →

IXD302- Week two Review

Week two is about applying for jobs and the methods involved within. Daniel opened up the lecture by talking about CV, cover letter and portfolios. He went through what is involved in a CV, cover letter and how to make… Continue Reading →

IXD302- Week one Review

It was the first week of IXD302. I was excited to see Daniel face-to-face. I haven’t seen Daniel in person for the branding module.   Daniel opened up the module by going through a powerpoint. He spoke about how the… Continue Reading →

Project Deliverable: Proposal

My first deliverable is creating a proposal on a given brief. A proposal is a document which outlines the project for the client. A proposal is typically made to make sure that the client understands all aspects of the project…. Continue Reading →

IXD302- Interviews

I hate the word interviews. I get nervous, start to shake, start to stutter in speech. I’m always keen to find a way to stay calm in these situations. Interviews in general are a way to test if the applicant… Continue Reading →

Article- 12 UX Designers Interview Questions and Answers

This is an article about interview questions about User Experience. I will be using these questions when it comes to preparing for my own interviews. In addition to the mock interview questions, I want to get as much help as… Continue Reading →

Task- mock email

I had to create a mock email using any phrases from the list. I had six phrases to choose from. I had picked the sixth card- “to request and arrange a meeting”. I had used Gmail to make my mock… Continue Reading →

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