Week two is about applying for jobs and the methods involved within. Daniel opened up the lecture by talking about CV, cover letter and portfolios. He went through what is involved in a CV, cover letter and how to make an effective one. I already had some knowledge on CVs as I made a basic one in high school as a task. However, I was still keen to learn more about CVs and felt like there was a lot to think about compared to the one I created in high school. Similar to the CV, Daniel explained how important cover letters are in applying to jobs. He also mentioned updating information in my Linkedin profiel. I was familiar with Linkedin by completing a short course with Cathy moore.


The workshop section of the day included a task. Once again we are asked to form into groups and play a guessing game about a job role. In simple terms, we each ask questions and the aim of the game is to guess the job role. We each have twenty questions to ask from until we guess the job role. I had fun working in groups and enjoyed the task. Daniel explained why this task was important and what we learned from it. By looking into qualities and traits of job roles that we can inherit. We can get the right mindset for job applications.