It was the first week of IXD302. I was excited to see Daniel face-to-face. I haven’t seen Daniel in person for the branding module.


Daniel opened up the module by going through a powerpoint. He spoke about how the day will be split and what will be covered today. Today was just an introduction to the module. Daniel went over the general stuff such as contact information, blogs etc. Then he explained the twelve weeks and what will be covered during those weeks. Basically, IXD302 is all about applying and getting ready for placement. Some of the things mentioned by Daniel included CVs, cover letters and presentations. The main deliverables are creating a CV, working on a  Quote/Invoice and a presentation. After hearing the deliverables, I was comfortable with the workload and I understood what needs to be learned throughout this module. Daniel went over the module aims which consisted of the introduction of professional practices, demonstrating skills, creating an idea and supporting research/independent study. The learning outcomes include understanding professional work practises/skills, getting familiar with generating ideas, understanding methodologies and taking responsibility for independent study.


That was the lecture content out of the way. Daniel explained the format of workshops.

We have lecture content for one hour and a break for 15 mins. The rest of the time will be spent in the studio for workshops. Our first task in groups was to write down some attributes that can be found in jobs. We used sticky notes to do this task. I had five people in my group and it was fun working with them.  This task really got us to think about what kind of attributes we can include.