This week the main focus was on the workplace. What I mean by this is the overall meetings, how to speak to other employees, how to dress appropriately for work etc. I was told the information on how to behave in a workplace. The things that we designers must do in the workplace. This can be followed by moral rules and ethical rules. Daniel mentioned areas such as meetings, phone, email etc. I felt like this week’s presentation was very long but I tried my best to understand the main points that Daniel was talking about. There was a good format to follow e.g. writing emails to a co-worker etc. one thing that i took from the presentation was that in work, i will be focussed on everyone and what their roles are. I will not just focus on what my role will be but what other employees have as their responsibilities.


The workshop part of the day included a group task. The task was to decide on a person that  has a notetaker, meeting leader, dumb question asker and contributors. The topic is based on what we have talked about through the PowerPoint. To be honest, I didn’t quite understand the task and neither did my group members. However, we ended up having some discussions about the course in general and about things that were discussed today. It was a nice conversation we had with one another. It was especially nice because the group that I was working with was people that I haven’t spoken to. I got to speak to them for the first time and asked them about the course and how they are getting on