I hate the word interviews. I get nervous, start to shake, start to stutter in speech. I’m always keen to find a way to stay calm in these situations. Interviews in general are a way to test if the applicant is worthy of the job. It tests the knowledge of both the company and the role. From experience, I have done many interviews for part time jobs. However, even after three or four interviews I still get nervous when I am called up to one.

I am usually really good at preparing for interviews, making sure that I look over notes and study about the areas in which they can ask me. I understand that interviews will be held for placement and my next steps are to find ways in order to stay calm.


In class, we were split into pairs and were given a task relating to interviews. The task got me familiar with my pair more and more, allowing me to communicate with him. We were each given a card with sets of questions and a sheet to write down comments. As usual, I was very nervous throughout this task but was less nervous as the interview went on. I felt like I answered some questions in the wrong way but I remembered Daniel saying to have an answer ready is better than no response at all. These were some stepping stones for me as I aim to do better for my actual interviews. Overall, I had fun working with Mathew and he really helped me stay calm as I can throughout the interview.


Thomas Frank- Inspirational youtuber.


A youtuber named thomas frank has been a favourite channel to watch since high school. Thomas frank is a person that gives advice, that educates and helps remove obstacles towards studying. He has motivated and inspired me to study by considering his simple but effective studying techniques. He has a whole video dedicated to staying calm in interviews.


I have watched his video and it has massively increased my confidence. He pointed out some important factors and gave me advice on sitting in on an interview.