This is an article about interview questions about User Experience. I will be using these questions when it comes to preparing for my own interviews. In addition to the mock interview questions, I want to get as much help as I can when it comes to interviews and how to prepare for them. This article has helped me think about the potential question that employers can ask me. The companies that I have looked at are all focussed on UX design. The article explains the potential questions and what they are really asking (in brackets).


Examples of interview questions:


Tell us about yourself- What makes you fit for the role

What is UX?- Understanding the value of user experience

Elements of good UX- do you understand the elements of good UX?

Difference between UX and UI-  what is UX, what is not UX

Design decisions- What is your thought process when solving issues?

Research methods that you use-  how to validate design decisions

Negative feedback- what is teamwork?

Overcoming Challenges- strengths and weaknesses.

How to improve products- do you know how to research?

Inspiration-  how passionate are you?