Final Type Specimen Screen Idea

This is my best Baskerville related type specimen screen. I choose this one because i liked diagonal approach with the words “Baskerville”. also liked the idea the Big letter B is on one side and paragraph on the other.

Design Feedback

After showcasing my final idea to the lecturers, I have received relevant feedback and advice to improve my overall design. I have recorded all the feedback using a note taking application.

A screenshot showing the comments that were made in the Group Critique.

Following each of the comments, I have made an improved version of the design:

Firstly, I got rid of the John part and only had the word Baskerville. I felt as if john was too long to put as a title and it was advised in the group critique as well. Secondly, I changed the colour blue in the paragraph. This is mainly because of people struggling to read my paragraphs. I went with black as my chosen colour for better view. Next, i have changed the position of the “1754” for experimental purpose. I figured that is a well placed element in my design. Finally, i added extra section of Baskerville numbers to fill in the bottom of the page.



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