1XD102 -Project 1- Type Specimen Screen

I have been asked to create a type specimen screen for an iPad. A type specimen screen is defined as a poster containing information/data on a specific font or typeface. I was given various typefaces to choose from such as Futura, Helvetica etc. For my project, I have decided to use Baskerville as my typeface of choice.

I will carry out research on what typefaces are and what they mean to me. I will also research on examples of typefaces, specifically related to Baskerville. The main reason why I want to study examples of type specimen screens is to help me think of ideas to formulate my own.

Typeface and Font

A typeface is defined as method used in graphic design that focuses on lettering. it is described as the design of using various letters. A common mistake is associated with a typeface and font having the same meaning in typography. The main difference between a font and a typeface is that a font shares a typeface. From research, typefaces can be similar to a font. I have a developed a clear understanding of what typefaces are. I believe that typefaces are styles of font which I can use for my project. When creating my project, an important aspect will be not just choosing a typeface, but to decide on how the typeface is used/displayed throughout my type specimen screen.

Baskerville Typeface

Chosen Paragraph for poster:

“John Baskerville had thought of a transitional typeface known today as Baskerville. He had worked most of his time in Britain and begun his journey as a writing master. He was familiar with calligraphy and wanted a project that could be used for books and novels at that time. He developed a typeface that was increased in contrast and sharper serifs. He had studied about strokes and focused on the sizes- thin and thick strokes. Due to the changes that Baskerville had made, he was able to create greater consistent typeface in both the size and form.”



Example of Baskerville used in Books/Novel
The image above shows one example of an aspect where Baskerville is used. It is well known to find Baskerville fonts used within certain novels and books. Paragraphs, spacing and positioning has all been used for this novel.
Baskerville letter B
The image purely focusses on the typeface and how it is different from others. what is special about the Baskerville typeface. The contrast between the strokes is an important aspect of the typeface. This makes the serif sharper .
Baskerville-roman, italics and bold
As part of research, I have decided to study different styles of Baskerville as a font. The image represents Baskerville shown through typography emphasis- roman, italics and Bold. I will be considering this strategy throughout my sketches and designs.

Examples of Inspirational Type Specimen Screens:

Example of Typeface Example of Typeface Example of Typeface Example of Typeface


Final Designs:

These are 3 of my chosen designs for this project. If I would choose the best designed one it would be the screen in the middle. My reason for this is because of the positioning. I believe that every element inside is positioned to a good standard.  I quite like the way layout and positioning of the title is diagonal which creates a good sense of design.

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