Elements Project Research

I researched multiple sites/apps to gather some inspiration specifically on my target audience. I looked at different competitors already out there that had interactive games and features for kids on the elements. I looked at BBC bitesize as it is good resource for children. I wanted to see what type of games they have for primary school children to help them learn. There was a whole range of games which was encouraging. There was nothing specifically on the elements but there were other games which were fun and educational.

I wanted to investigate other sites and different games that are fun and educational. I found another website called “Top marks” and seen their range of games especially for my age group. There is a game which is called hit the button which I thought was interesting. The interaction in this game was simple but effective. I had been thinking of possibly having some similarities to my own game/app.

Twinkl and News desk are other online resources that primary school teachers may use in Northern Ireland to teach their pupils. It will also allows the pupil to access games and fun information.

I was told by my mum that Children in primary school don’t cover criteria on elements or the periodic table. I got p6/p7 children in my mum’s school to complete a questionnaire which will provide me with more accurate feedback, so I know what they know and what they learn in school particularly. I could use their answers particularly to tailor my app to suit their needs and teach them simple things.


I felt that I found a wild range of inspiration online. I was able to see especially what type of content and colours they used in their games to make it fun and engaging for kids. The aim was to make the games fun and educational which I try to do with my own game. I think by researching it helps me to come with own ideas as well as knowing how well laid out my app should me and basically how I should approach this project when it comes to the design.

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