Research- How to design for Children

When designing my Product or Application, its important I consider my target audience as these will be the main users in my project. It’s necessary to understand that my audience my have a range of abilities which I cater for. I will make my design as user friendly and clear as possible,

I done some research and found an article guide on the BBC Website called “How to design for children” guide which I feel will be useful when designing my elements project for IXD301 and pitching my product idea in IXD302.

In this section it specially covers their 7 basic principles to help create a great digital experience for children according to their own research. As designer I will try considering these 7 points to make my product successful.

  1. Give Positive Feedback and create moments of Joy- Basically, try make their experience using the app as fun as possible and encourage achievements.
  2. Be Visual, reduce text– Keep the design simple, less text more images and Icons.
  3. Make the goal immediately clear- I will make it clear for them to understand the aim
  4. Be heard– example being audio which improves the user experience and adds accessibility feature
  5. Animate with personality– Bring the animation to life. this will be entertaining for the kids
  6. Craft a character led experience– Kids love characters. If possible, include one in my design.
  7. Forgiving design– make the interactions simple but efficient, don’t let the child to become frustrated.


I enjoyed looking at this article as give me a better understanding of what I need to consider when designing for young children. These principles on BBC site may be updated overtime as children and technology evolve. I felt this article was very helpful and will hopefully help me to design good user experiences for children especially when creating my elements project.

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