IXD301 Elements Project Wireframes

Initial Sketches and early usability testing It’s getting hard to breathe task Put out the fire task During my initial idea phase of the project, I created the above sketches demonstrating two tasks I wanted to include in my app. I used these sketches in some early usability testing in my user interviews. This provided […]

IXD301 Week 9 Usability Testing

When taking a more in-depth look at usability testing I began by looking at an excellent article from the Norman Nielson Group on the topic. The article starts out by explaining what usability testing is and what the benefits are of including usability testing in UX research methodology. The definition provided is as follows: “In […]

IXD301 How to Design for Children

In the BBC guidelines, they have included a number of how to articles including how to design for children. The post outlines 7 principles on how to create great digital experiences for children. Positive feedback Be visual, reduce text Make the goal immediately clear Be heard Animage with personality Craft a character-led experience Forgiving design […]

IXD301 Tagging Taxonomy

As an approach to analysing my observations and findings in both my interviews and Usability testing, I want to use a tagging taxonomy. Here is a breakdown of my understanding of what a tagging taxonomy is, why it’s helpful and how to create one. What a tagging taxonomy is and why it’s useful To understand […]