IXD301- Elements App Desk Research

To begin my research I wanted to look at my target audience. For this project, I have decided to aim my outcome at teaching children aged 8-10 about elements. I began this research by looking at what curriculum children within this age group are learning. This is a very colourful and fun activity book. It […]

IXD301 How to Design for Children

In the BBC guidelines, they have included a number of how to articles including how to design for children. The post outlines 7 principles on how to create great digital experiences for children. Positive feedback Be visual, reduce text Make the goal immediately clear Be heard Animage with personality Craft a character-led experience Forgiving design […]

IXD301 Week 2 What is content? Where does it come from?

Content Sources Content can come in lots of different ways. To start at the beginning it’s probably best to review sources of content theses include: Client Supplied Self-Generated Third-Party Sites (e.g. Wikapedia) User-Generated Content (e.g. YouTube) Application Programming Interface (API’s)- this is intermediary software that allows two applications to talk to each other. Client Supplied […]