Year: 2021

IXD301 – Elements: Style Guide

For my elements project, I need to create a style guide from which to reference all my designs from. The style guide should include: Colour scheme, including colour codes Typography + fonts, including variations of fonts such as bold or italic Logos or monograms As I already had all the elements that make up my…Continue Reading IXD301 – Elements: Style Guide

IXD301 – Week Eleven: Feedback

This week, Kyle took the chance to go through everyone’s elements projects so far, and test out everyone’s prototypes in class. We were allowed to add our own notes and comments to each person’s prototype. It was also just really fun and useful to see everyone else’s prototypes so far, and to see all the…Continue Reading IXD301 – Week Eleven: Feedback

IXD302 – Week Ten: Proof of Concept & Initial Research

During this week’s class, Daniel talked us through the importance of creating a concept that people actually need, that doesn’t already exist, as well as finding research through existing apps and users. One of the first things he talked us through is how to conduct a SWOT analysis for our product ideas. I found that…Continue Reading IXD302 – Week Ten: Proof of Concept & Initial Research