IXD301 – Week Eleven: Feedback

This week, Kyle took the chance to go through everyone’s elements projects so far, and test out everyone’s prototypes in class. We were allowed to add our own notes and comments to each person’s prototype. It was also just really fun and useful to see everyone else’s prototypes so far, and to see all the different ideas that people managed to come up with, and how they compared so different to my own.

I found this class extremely useful, in regards to finding out how to fix up my prototype to be the best it can be. I really appreciated the comments that people were able to give, and found that I could use this information to better my project.

The following were written feedback I received from my peers:

  • Really cool idea
  • Cool illustrations
  • Nice interactions
  • Keep working on interactions so they work properly
  • Looks really fun and professional
  • Love the upwards scrolling, it’s really fun
  • Decide what age group you are targeting
  • Fun interactions
  • Smooth
  • Good information

All in all, this lesson was very beneficial to me, and I will be taking into account this feedback as I prepare for hand-in in the coming weeks.


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