IXD301 – Week Twelve: Presentation

This week was presentation week, and I was able to successfully present my work to Kyle in the IXD studio. Overall, I think the presentation went really well – better than I had expected it to go, as I was very nervous. But once I stepped in there and saw my own work up on the screen, it felt completely natural talking about it.

Firstly, here is a link to my finished presentation:

IXD301 – Jessica Donnan

Next, I want to talk through some feedback I received from Kyle:

  • he really liked the consistency of the presentation’s design, and how I had incorporated my brand into it, as he felt that a lot of students would usually just pick a pre-built theme from Powerpoint and build their presentation on top of that, whereas I made mine from scratch
  • he also liked my change in brand colours, and he agreed that black and white, while it can be really nice in some instances, it doesn’t allow for a lot of variety when it comes to creating projects with your brand, and so adding a couple more colours made a lot of sense, and he said that they worked really well together
  • in terms of my elements project, he felt that I needed to make it a bit more child-friendly, especially in terms of the information sections on the elements pages, as there was way too much information that a child would grow easily bored from
  • in terms of my portfolio, he said that it might be useful to add a bit more information to my about section, which i completely agreed with, as every time i look at it i felt there was something very much missing

I will use this helpful feedback from Kyle to further develop my projects, and finish them up for the coming weeks before hand-in.


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