IXD301 – Week Ten: The Art of the Pitch

During this week’s class, Kyle gave us a lecture on the art of the pitch – how to make a good presentation, and how to sell your product or brand to clients and your target audience.

The end of this semester requires us to present our projects – both our portfolio site and our elements project – to the class in a timed presentation of ten minutes. We will talk through the following subjects:
  • Your Idea
  • Inspiration from visual grammar
  • Who is it for? Personas!
  • User Flows
  • Wireframes
  • High Resolution Mockups
  • Early Prototype

Admittedly, this was a little daunting, as I find that giving presentations is something that causes me a lot of stress and anxiety.

To begin feeling well-prepared for this, I began the process of my presentation by sketching out a slide deck which I could work from:

I also wanted to incorporate my branding identity into my slide deck, such as using the new colour scheme that I had created for my brand this semester, which I felt also suited my projects pretty well too. My presentation needed to be clean, easy to read, and be mostly image-based, as I wanted to express most of my feelings and thoughts through spoken words. If you have too much text on the screen, then the audience gets distracted or bored easily, and stops listening to what you’re saying to read all the text first. I felt that it was important to take this into consideration, as I didn’t want my audience to grow bored. I wanted to excite them, and engage them, so each slide should be exciting and draw their attention to images of my work, and listen to my words to know more.



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