IXD302 – Pitch: User Research & Personas

In order to gain my own information and research into the existing problems faced by the public, I decided to compose a survey based around the effects of the pandemic on mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as its effects on long-distanced relationships.

For this survey, I used Google Forms. I felt this was very fun and simple to use, and none of my users had a problem with accessing the survey and submitting their answers.

Link to the survey is here: https://forms.gle/3sY7HG28rdQDqBci8

Below is the information and statistics I was able to gather from the answers of this survey:

As I expected, most of the users answered with “quite a lot” or “sometimes” in reference to feeling lonely during the pandemic. Overall, there was nothing in these results that surprised me, as the research I had carried out online beforehand had said pretty much the same thing. It was also interesting to see the variety of age groups, and how they all gave very similar answers despite their difference in age.

User Personas

From my information, I was then able to create a series of User Personas for my research, which would be helpful in creating a general analysis of the information useful to my project.

User Persona 1

Name: Olivia
Age: 19
Olivia suffers from anxiety and PTSD. She has struggled with loneliness a great deal throughout the pandemic, and has felt it has had a big negative impact on her struggling mental health.

User Persona 2

Name: Dane
Age: 29
Dane has suffered with anxiety all his life, and has felt that the pressures of the pandemic have greatly increased his struggles with this, as well as his struggles with his relationships.

User Persona 3

Name: Chloe
Age: 24
Chloe has been a life-long sufferer of anxiety problems, and has felt her problems have worsened a lot during the pandemic.


Overall, I believe I have gathered a significant amount of research towards this project, and can now begin development of the final pitch presentation.

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