IXD302 – Pitch: Creating Slide Decks

I wanted to begin the development of designing my slide decks as soon as possible, now that I had my idea down, and the pitch is in two weeks. Firstly, however, I needed to come up with a suitable name for my product.

Choosing a Name

I decided to create a mind-map displaying an array of words relating to my product, and then was able to choose one that I liked from the list. I wanted it to be short and snappy, so I only kept it to one-word answers. I also didn’t want the word itself to be too long, as I wanted it to feel instantaneous like the app itself.

There were two words I liked from the selection: trace and push.

I decided to go with Push. I felt that trace would relate more to the Track and Trace app that has become well-known during the pandemic, and I wanted my app to be associated with a more positive category. I also really liked how short and sweet it was, and felt like it perfectly resembled the meaning behind the app – pushing towards someone through your phone.

Designing My Slide Decks

Next, I moved onto the design of my slide decks, for which I started on paper. I felt that I needed to sketch out a few wireframes for how I wanted the slide deck to look before I moved onto the actual powerpoint. This always helps me to ground myself on the feel of the design, and to get a basic understanding of how I want everything to be laid out.



I found a website called UnDraw, which offers free-to-use vector illustrations. I loved the designs of all the illustrations, and the website gave you the option to tailor the colours of them to whatever your needs. It also gives you the option to search for any key words, so I was very easily to find what type of illustrations I was looking for.


I used my wireframe sketches as a base from which to work on, and moved onto Microsoft Powerpoint as my software.

Finished Product

The finished presentation can be accessed here:


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