IXD302 – Pitch: Inspiration for Slide Deck

Before I begin designing my slide deck, I want to first do some research into existing pitch slide decks, as well as look for inspiration into well-designed presentations.


Otario is a product pitch that Daniel introduced to us as one of the previous student’s pitches. I really liked the design of this slide deck, and how well it sells the product. It has a clear, healthy balance between statistics, facts and illustrations.

I have created a run-down of the presentation as a whole, and what each slide was made up of:

  • Begins with a lovely title page with a clear title and motto.
  • Overview of the presentation – what they’ll be covering.
  • The goal of the product.
  • An overview of what the product is and what it does.
  • User research.
  • User personas.
  • Identifying a target audience.
  • The existing problem that this product can fix.
  • The solution to that problem.
  • Competitor research.
  • Tone of voice.
  • Market opportunity.
  • Business model.
  • Prototyping.
  • Timeline of the creation of the product.
  • Future goals.

Overall, I really loved the design of this presentation. It was very easy to read and understand, and the use of a limited colour palette gave the whole project a sense of professionalism and consistency. There is also not too much information on each slide, allowing room for the designer to talk about their ideas to the client, without having to worry about the client getting too distracted by whats on the slide deck.


Daniel showed us this presentation as well, which was a pitch for the popular video-based website Youtube. It was a very drawling and boring presentation, and had utterly no personality at all. The design was extremely basic, black and white with no colour. It did not draw you into the product, and did not give anything of interest to look at on screen. The text itself, while seemingly boring in appearance, was actually informative and kept short, which is good for presenting a pitch product. It has to be short and sweet, and information must be kept in bullet-points if possible.


I also began creating a moodboard on Pinterest, in order to gradually gain inspiration from existing slide deck designs. Pinterest has such a wide range of ideas and designs that it is impossible not to feel inspired when I’m using it. I find myself adding so many pins that, even though I never even end up using the ideas from them, add so much to my development process.

You can access the board here: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/jessicadonnan/pitch/


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