UX Healthcare Trends in 2022 (IXD303)

In Article written by Martina Gyoffy and Fruzsi Fejes they speak about the latest healthcare trends we can expect to see this year. In 2022(this year), we can expect to see the use of the folowing technologies being used to bring exciting opporunties and improvements to the healthcare industry. Currently their are many challenges in […]

Design Thinking in Healthcare (IXD303)

According to design researcher Silvia Vergani and research scientist Danielle Schlosser, In the world of healthcare there are many challenges and opportunities. There is need for healthcare experts should apply a more human-centered approach to their everyday work. Through design thinking method in healthcare, they lead to open discussed and allow them to run tests […]

Final Submission IXD303

Below you can find submission links to my prototype healthcare app, brand guidelines and my Discovery & research. My Final verision Healthcare App https://www.figma.com/proto/S9eV51KDerOxH0LaETX0uM/Final-Healthcare-App?node-id=108%3A801&scaling=scale-down&page-id=0%3A1&starting-point-node-id=108%3A801 Brand Guidelines Brand Guidelines-IXD303 (1) Discovery & research https://blogs.ulster.ac.uk/sean123/?s=IXD303&submit=Search

Usability Testing (IXD303)

Usability Testing In order to make sure my Healthcare App meet the needs of clients, I wanted to test my app out on 2 Users. My Frist user was a carer and the second was a family member. I wanted to find out if they could easily navigate their way around my app and really […]

Book Research- Change By Design (IXD303)

Change by Design: How design thinking transforms organizations and inspires Innovation I was recommended to read this book written by Tim Brown which was published in 2009.  Tim Brown who works as CEO of IDEO, a leading design firm talks through different techniques and strategies of design that can be used at every level. Change […]

Google Design Sprint (IXD303)

Google Sprint Design What’s a Design Sprint The Design Sprint is a proven method for solving everyday problems through designing, prototyping, and testing idea with users. Design Sprints assign you teams under a shared visions with clear goals and deliverables. This involves little investment. It allows you to test and trial a product with your […]