Google Design Sprint (IXD303)

Google Sprint Design

What’s a Design Sprint

The Design Sprint is a proven method for solving everyday problems through designing, prototyping, and testing idea with users. Design Sprints assign you teams under a shared visions with clear goals and deliverables. This involves little investment. It allows you to test and trial a product with your users.

Where does it Comes?

The Design Sprint is a technique creator by Google to help develop the UX Culture and the practice of design leadership across the company. Many teams within Google have taken time to try out different methods from traditional UX practice, IDEO, the Stanford dSchool, business strategy, etc. to encourage unique and innovated thinking with teams. This design sprint is a flexible models process, and teams are adapting to these different approaches.

Hopefully this method can help produce better products and services in the future. By doing the design sprints this can lead to a clearer outcome and seeing the success grow.

The design sprints can range from 1 to 5-day period. Plan and prepare fully to ensure you use your time wisely. It’s important to plan for every day what you will do. Google recommend you try the design sprint to see what ideas you can come up with.

The 6 main phases to the design sprint are:

  • Understand
  • Define
  • Sketch
  • Decide
  • Prototype
  • Validate

It’s important to follow these steps to help you to come up with solution to a problem which meets the user’s requirements.

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