Week 10- Proof of Content and User Research

In Todays lecture we covered the topic of proof of content and user research. Frist thing to ask yourself most importantly is:

Does your idea need to exist. Design a Swot Analysis to outline the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and Threats of my idea.

Ask other people if it needs to exist. Pitch the concept to your audience. Get your users to complete:

  • Survey/Questionnaires
  • Forum Responses/Competitor Reviews
  • Published Data

What you can is invest the problem and establish Facts.

Simple ask Questions

Daniel then spoke about the difference of Qualitative Vs Quantitative

What is Qualitative        What is Quantitative 

  • Unstructured                  Structured
  • Subjective                      Objective
  • Immeasurable                Measurable
  • Insights/Theories            Test/Theories

The timeline of Qualitative and Quantitative

Qualitative <—————————————————->Quantitative

Anybody can do research. It can quick and cheap

Basic Steps for user research

  1. Define Primary User Groups- Create a list of attributes that will help you define different users.
  2. Pick techniques for Involving Users
  3. Conduct Research
  4. Validate Definitions and Analyse Research
  5. Generate User Requirements
  6. Interviews and Observation
  7. Online Surveys- Examples of being Survey Monkey


We are dealing with people- People are not data points.

Card Sorting

Triangulation- Affinity Diagram and Prioritising features

Things possibly to include in my pitch:

  • User Persona’s
  • Empathy Map

Today’s Task

Do a Swot Analysis for your product idea.

Daniel reminded us next week that class will be online and the week after that in Week 12 is the product pitch which will be the lecture hall. So I need to start my presentation this week. I will look at examples for inspiration.

I felt it was good to aware of this with some of this points applying to me. I thought was interesting and I helped me gain more knowledge about this topic. I will take away a few things today which I feel are useful.


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