Morning Class:

During this morning class we watched the presentations and got feedback from Henry, Michael and Alec.



– They really liked my models

– Adjust the bookcase book textures so that they can be changed to add more variation.

– Adjust the wood grain on the shelves of the bookcase so that they are left to right.

– Make some variants of book textures.

– Beam to hide seams on walls or use the pipes.

– Smooth roof hole.

– Reduce height map of roof texture

– Add metallic strip to the window grid so that it makes sense and add a cross piece to the joints of the grid.

– Reduce the light intensity of the candle with the spotlight.

– Smooth the window edges.


Afternoon Class:

Continued to watch the rest of the presentations then Alec asked us to fill out some feedback forms and gave us a presentation on what we will be doing in Semester 2.


For the rest of the class we worked on fixing and adjusting our environments based on the feedback we received in the morning class.



Assignment 1:

This week I focused on exporting the textures correctly, sharing them with the rest of the group and reimporting them into Unreal Engine.


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