Morning Class:

To begin today’s class, Henry started with a menti quiz about the unreal engine lighting and camera videos we were to watch from last week.


After we were supposed to gather in our groups and share all our assets among each other or create a drive that all the members have access to and start adding everything to Unreal.

When it came to opening the Unreal file I had been working on at home, it couldn’t as the file was a newer version so I just created a new file and added in the asset I knew I hadn’t finished from last week.



Henry saw that the textures were coming up really glossy when they shouldn’t have and told us that we needed to use a certain file format when exporting from Unreal Engine. We informed the rest of the group and are now fixing it.


Afternoon Class:

After lunch we continued to work on fixing the texture files and adding everything to Unreal.




For homework we were tasked to finish watching the videos on Blackboard about lighting and camera in Unreal Engine from last week, if you haven’t done so already and prepare a presentation on what you have currently done for your environment. (Focus on your own work).


Assignment 1:

This week I focused on exporting the textures correctly, sharing them with the rest of the group and reimporting them into Unreal Engine.

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