—Meeting with Aodhan—

Today I had a meeting with Aodhan at 12:00 in the Teachers lounge to review my CV, Cover Email and Showreel.

It went well and he gave me some really helpful feedback that I feel will help me to improve my work before the deadline on Monday the 13th.



– Spell check everything – *Experience*
– Change font of Name or of titles
– Shrink Logo and add icon instead
– Do something to break up the word wall in experence.
– Change logos to something sleeker
– Add hyperlink to showreel and adjust the title if there is no portfolio
– Remove gradient from logo if it doesn’t add anything.
– Save as a PDF.


—Cover Email—

– Sounds as if you are only here to learn -> try to sound as if they need you instead of you need them.

– Too generalist -> try adding what you can do eg. colour theory, composition, perspective, etc.

– Need to learn photoshop. -> try adding that you are still learning photoshop.



—Cover Showreel—

– Edit it more to the beat of the music
– Likes the bookends of my contact details
– Maybe animate the title card a bit
– Use the same colours and font as the CV to creat a brand image.
– Try to match up the clips of the models
– Could try to add some concept art


Afterwards, I edited my work based on the feedback I could remember from the day and from the email Aodhan sent.



Assignment 1 & 2:

This week I focused on editing my CV, Cover Email and Showreel based on the feedback I received for the deadline on Monday 13th of December.


*Insert: Final Cover Email*


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