Morning Class:

For the morning class, Alec explained what we would be doing today and that Sorcha wouldn’t be able to give her lecture this afternoon as she was ill. We were then tasked with timing out a boxing animation in Maya.



Opened the file and reloaded the referenced rigs. The key frames have already been done for us and a reference video was provided.

Using the dope sheet I selected and retimed the animation.


Next I added a few inbetweens to add more interest to the animation. I started with the red boxer then the blue one.



Afternoon Class:

After lunch we continued on with the task from earlier.


Finished off adding the inbetweens to the animation.


After the task Alec came around to inquire about what our body mechanic ideas were for assignment 2.




For homework we were tasked with watching some pre recorded content on Blackboard about walk cycles in 2D and 3D. We also have to continue to work on the observatory environment for assignment 1 and begin working on the animations for assignment 2.


Assignment 1:

For this week I focused on modelling and  UV unwrapping the room model.



Assignment 2:

This week I created the storyboards for the action animation and an animatic to get the timing right.

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