This morning Dr Chris McHugh came in and gave a presentation on studying abroad and provided a few reasons why we should consider it. He also covered why we may be holding us back from studying abroad and gave a few schemes that we could sign up with like “Study USA” or “Eramus+”


After, Henry gave a presentation about interviews and reviewed what we will be covering in the presentation. He covered what the interview process is , what to do before and during the interview. He then covered some sample questions for an interview and what the interviewer wants you to provide in your answer.


Sample Questions

  • About yourself – why you would be fit for the job based on past experiences and give 2 or 3 projects that you have done
  • Strengths and weaknesses – skills that are needed for the job and a weakness that you believe that the job will help you to improve
  • Why hire you? – keep it brief
  • Experience – situation and what was the task, what action you took and the results


The role

  • why work for us – know the company and what they are doing and how you can fit in
  • What you first (x) days be like – find area that you can make a good impact
  • Salary expectations – know your worth and look at average prices for that role.



  • Where do you see yourself in (x) years – are you an ambitious individual and is it in line with your goals
  • Other organisations considered – shows you are serious about your role and more interested in the studio



  • Team or independent- confidence of your own skills and relying on others
  • What you do outside of work – hobby that can help give experience for work e.g photography, helps with composition
  • Friends describe you


Odd questions

  • What the studio do differently- shows you did research and dont be disrespectful


Any questions for them

They want to be questioned

  • Favourite aspect of the job?
  • How is success measured?


He then covered some of the dos and don’ts of an interview and what to do after the interview is over. We then reviewed what we need to do for our mock interviews next week.


Mock Interviews

  • Chose a job role
  • Research similar roles in different studies
  • Think about answers and be prepared




For homework we had to prepare for our interviews next week.

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