Alec gave a presentation on job contracts and freelancing. It covered what you should expect from a job contract and what it should have, pension and what is expected when it comes to experience and no experience.


—Exercise —

After the first presentation we were tasked with finding areas of concern on a brief from a company. I was sorted into group 1.


– 2 week wait period before we can use a computer provided by the company

– Didn’t mention what software to use or if it is provided

– request more information on the overall style the company wants.

– Didn’t specify a timeline of when everything needs to be done

– there wasn’t a mention of pay and there isn’t a budget 


After the task, Alec gave another presentation on placement year. It covered how many credits a placement year is worth, what you are assessed on and it gives you insight on what to expect after graduation from a job in the industry.




There was no set task for next week’s class.

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