For this week we had a few guest speakers:

– Zoe Woods – Blue Zoo (UU 2018 grad)

– Aisling McElroy – Italic Pig – (UU 2018 grad)

– Greg Woodcock – Dimension Studio (Swansea 2008 grad)


Zoe wanted to work in the game industry and has worked on many different shows as a VFX artist, lighting and composition. She didn’t get into a job immediately after graduation but later worked as a runner for BBC Blackstaff.

After, she worked in Jam Media as a Data Wrangler, then a Lighting and Render for Jam Media and a Layout Artist for Jam Media and Blue Zoo.

Finally, she worked in Framestore as a layout artist in VFX.


Ashley is a producer at Italic Pig. It involves arranging events and gatherings of people. Didn’t get a job immediately after graduation but worked in a pub for a few months first. She has been with Italic Pig for 2 years and first worked as a runner and has now moved up to a producer who is working on 5 different projects. Involves a lot of organisation and time management.


Greg has worked freelance and on multiple different projects in various industries.

Showed us his showreel and he has worked on the game Until Dawn. Had to gain a lot of experience before he started to get interviews and now works as more of a generalist.

Mostly enjoys character animation and works with motion capture animation.




There was no set task for next week’s class.

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