Morning class:

During this morning’s class I uploaded the Presentation to the OneDrive link Alec provided and we watched all the group presentations.

During the viewings we received some feedback which included:

– Make the ghosts eyes a different colour from the body

– Animated the tail a bit more for him flying across the screen.

– Hold the shot of the fridge standing still for longer and gently rock the fridge out of motion.

– Reposition the camera or ghost and make them bob less.

– Added in any scenes you are missing.

– Make sure the ghost is facing the correct direction.

– Add a skirting board to the bottom of the environment.

– Add sound effects

– Follow the 3D previs more closely


Afternoon Class:

During the afternoon class we discussed how to submit Assignment 3, were shown what to expect in Year 2 and some examples of other people’s work.


After this we broke back into the breakout groups.



Assignment 3:

The deadline for this Assignment was extended to the 10th of May.

I will be focusing on finishing my part of the animation, editing all the pieces together, creating the blog posts and writing a peer assessment.

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