Morning class:

The Animation Society came in and had a talk about events and where to sign up for interviews if you want to join the society for next year!

After that, we were tasked with working through the videos on Blackboard while we waited to be called into the breakout group for feedback on our progress on Assignment 3.


When we were called into the breakout group we talked about Assignment 3 and received some feedback which included:

  • Amber needs to parent the control curves to the rig and adjust the blend shapes for the mouth and eyes.
  • Tori needs to adjust the model of the sandwich and maybe add a bend deformer to each piece of the sandwich. She also needs to UN Unwrap it and add a rig.
  • Nicole(Me) needs to separate each set of furniture onto separate UV Maps and fix the errors in the model
  • Danielle needs to bevel the edge of the fridge, remove any faces floating inside objects and put all the small items onto one UV map and the fridge onto another.



—Video 1: Rendering and Post-Production – Part 1—

To begin, I opened the animation as a reference, went into the Arnold tab and clicked ‘Lights-> Skydome’ and clicked the Attributes tab and clicked on ‘colour’ to upload an image for the background.


Then I created a plane and did a test render.


Next I went into the Attributes tab and turned the camera down to 0, moved the floor plane back and clicked ‘Deform-> Non-Linear-> Bend’. Bent the floor plane and did another test render.


I then clicked ‘Windows-> Rending Editors-> Render Settings’. Changed the camera and altered the presets, updated the samples to 3 and changed the settings to render a sequence.



Afternoon Class:

After lunch we continued to work on the videos on Blackboard.


—Video 2: Rendering And Post-Production – Part 2—

Shown how to edit and adjust the rendered images in After Effects and Premier.



After I was done with the videos I continued to work on fixing the environment for Assignment 3 based on the feedback that we received in the earlier class.



Assignment 3:

When Alec reviewed my environment model he found a few errors that I focused on finding and fixing for next week.

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