During class this week we were shown how to UV Map a head.

First you cut a seam up the back of the head.


Orientated the shell and used the ‘Optimize’ tool.


Select the head, click ‘Soften Edge’ and export the High Poly and Low poly head and import the Low poly head into Substance Painter.


Next baked the low poly mesh using the high poly mesh.


Add a fill layer and turn on ‘Roughness’.


Add another fill layer, turn on ‘Colour’ and use a yellowish skin colour.


Make another fill layer and use a slightly darker skin colour. Added a ‘Black Mask and a fill layer with the ‘Ambient Occlusion’. ‘Right Click-> Add Levels’ and adjust the scale.


Add a fill layer, add a ‘Black Mask’ and a ‘Generator’. Adjusted the settings.


Add another fill layer with a ‘Black Mask’ and a red colour. Added it to the face around the eyes and the checks using the brush ‘Dirt 1’.


Add a fill layer with a ‘Black Mask’ and a yellow colour. Add it to the forehead, around the eyes and a bit of the checks.


Add another fill layer with a ‘Black Mask’ and a blue-green colour. Added it around the chin and mouth.



Assignment 2:

The deadline for this assignment is the 12th of May so I will be focusing on finishing the block out this week.

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