Animation Discourse Week 7 Research Methodologies & Academic Writing

We had resumed our class as normal with Yuan back. For week 7 she had went over our assignment 2 which includes the industry report and essay. But most importantly choosing a topic, research question and the methodology of it.Β 

For the essay we must have;

  • An answer to a questionΒ 
  • Discuss an issue or point of academic contention.
  • Make a cohere agreement supported by appropriate
  • Secondary research – review existing literatureΒ 
  • Not usually for a specific audienceΒ 
  • Structure Intro themed content sections – conclusion – reference – appendices (where used).
  • Might contain images, but does not contain diagrams, table, figures “Why Β is animated film Porco Rosso considered as Hayao Miyazaki’s veiled autobiography?

Choosing a topic – Start with an idea, a question, an observation a what I like to know more about. This coursework is my opportunity to research something that Interest’s Me!Β 

Yuan continued onward with the explanation of the industry report as well and how we would need proof and evidence for the report. Since I’m doing the essay part this wouldn’t be part of the assignment I need to focus on. After the presentation I had made a plan on listing doing different topics which would be the main focus of the essay such as horror, sexuality, gender, disability, documentary on a music video or movie, villains, mental issues and finally lighting.Β 

That way I have ideas and my interests that I can focus on involving the topic question that I would have to answer.


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