Animation CI Week 8 Blend shapes and Expressions

For our morning session we had our last class of rigging which involved the blend shapes and expressions which Michael our lecturer had went over with this class session and shown his tutorials on blackboard which were a big help for our lesson when adding the blend shapes to a simple smoothed sphere.  With the two functions squash and stetch for the ball to obey these functions. It was a fun class and I gave myself a go at the rigging exercise.

It wasn’t hard but quite fun in some sense. Even for me who is not rigging, it is good to get a recap of things like this from last semester. 

Since the game designers were off due to strike in Monday we were having our support tutorial and were finishing off some work in the meantime. I had fixed all my components in maya, including UV’s and sent them all off into the OneDrive link shared amongst the others as well as textures from substance painter. Making me up to date with the animation/modelling checklist. Some had sent me issues they were having with the textures like with the pencil but I managed to fix it and test it on unreal so that was covered. Our team is going well apart for some showing up to the 2 meetings in the week.

Meanwhile I was focusing on the other assignments including the animation too choose a 11 second voice and style I’m going for that specific company (which would also be my placement for next year). My two choices are Flickerpix and Alt Animation since they are a bit similar in some ways like a range of animation used with 3D, 2D, stop motion and rigging. I also collected some sound within the past week and started storyboarding with concept art for some characters before I choose my final decision.


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