Major Project Week 12

Last TutorialsΒ 

Our last week before submissions for the following week as today had given us much more time to review and ask questions for our Major Project and Creative Futures with Aodhan and Sarah. I spent the time with my group reviewing our work and what we had to do to finish before the 12th and 17th. Before the Tuesday I got mine and Sarah’s animation combined with the 2D and 3D hybrid mix. Since Sarah had sent me her first ones she was still in the process of updating them with the rendered backgrounds that still needs the lighting to be fixed.Β 


Once we showed our progress and minor issues we where having with some of the animation concerning backgrounds, poses, the 2D and 3D animation we had they answered our problems. For the hybrid shots they gave us some pointers with Sarah and my shots with the frames just some stuff to clear up but overall they were delighted as we are on the ball and nearly there for completion. As well as Dylan putting the final touches to his backgrounds for a couple of shots for the living room and bedroom.Β 

Then for our creative futures I showed my CV to my tutors which they very much liked and gave me some tips of the style, colour scheme and rearranging some of the columns but overall good. Then I told them about not having a showreel at the time but they said it should be ok if it was all 2D animation since I want to do both and creating a Portfolio on a social media account other than this blog to showcase my work on Artstation. Since I finished the poster for our project we were discussing about the art books and what we will do for the others who helped in the fundraiser.Β 

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