Professional Practice Week 9

Our lecturer had not been in for the strike, but our class was covered by John Hannon who is a 3D character artist/modeller for various of characters like God of War Kratos using Zbrush software to break down a part of their 3D body. 3D modelling is interesting at the least, but I don’t think it is the role for me for the future. 

After the presentation John Hannon had gone over some of work for the other class and give us some tips to make the models better for the next couple of weeks up to our submission date. We continued onward with our team project and cycle animation assignments before the end of the session 

Animation Strategies Week 9 Body Mechanics

This class started with Body Mechanics which will also be part of our upcoming assignment in December. We were given a model by Alec on maya and was told to do a jump. He introduced us too script tweenmachine which is a handy tool to break down scenes and add movement to our animations. We were told to do the blocking first and then polish our models. I must admit this tool is really helpful towards our animations on maya.

As well as having jump references for our assignments on our body mechanics which I have chosen from YouTube.

Jumping Reference – YouTube

Here is my jump exercise I have done for class.


Professional Practice Week 8 Cover Emails

For week 8 of Professional Practice, we were given bad examples of cover emails and had answer what was wrong with them and how they can be improved like wordcount, opening line and what to include about yourselves. This piece of information can aid me with my cover email and what I should include and what I should leave out.

Our page should be 3/4 long with written information such as relevant experience and why I am suitable for this role. Near the end of the page, we should include our links to our cv and our showreel/portfolio to present to the company so they can see the individual’s artwork.



Animation Strategies Week 8 Walk Cycles

Week 8 we had started the basics with walk cycles with the 3D rigging jack and Alec showing us the 16 types of walking for us to choose for our assignment in January. We also looked at the 2D walk cycles with Nial Doherty explaining the spacing and timing with each frame and how he animated his characters.

Here is my 3D walk cycle 


Professional Practice Week 7

For this week a visitor came into our class called Matthew Hamil presenting us with his 3D models and animation. He showed us his game animations and quick tips on how to make it better with space and timing, he also showed us the spine structure for each of these models when it comes to rigging in Maya. 

It was an interesting lecture while it ended in with him showing us rigging with models, he even sent us to make the character punch in a steady stance on maya from his lecture this afternoon. It was a fun experience.


Animation Strategies Week 7 Run Cycle

Getting into our second assignment with animation run cycles with 3D and 2D. We had exercises to do which involved finding a missing frame, what’s it called and had to draw it in to complete the run cycle or both animations. Th 2D frame missing is the down frame for the character and the 3D model is missing the up frame. 

We also did some poses for the lesson while getting references for them

I also did the run cycles both 2D and 3D for this exercise 




Professional Practice Week 6 Job Contracts

In Professional Practice Glenda Martin had returned to finish her briefing of stress and resilience continuing on from the past week and had given us tips to reduce it and cope with it in our future jobs and our lives. I must admit it was a very informative lecture on stress and how it can affect us emotionally or intellectually through development.

Alec then told us about job contacts which involves the salary, legal rights, pricing and picking a studio in a specific location in Ireland or London that is for our best interest and availability to be flexible for times.  

Animation Strategies Week 6 Tutorial Session

We had gone over our tutorial week with our lecturers on progress of our work and if we had any problems this week. They also suggested to have group met ups or group chats for the next few weeks to get the work done faster. So, then we continued on our work and showed our progress to each other for how far we’ve come for week 6.

Concept Art 

One of the models textured

As well as models progress

Professional Practice Week 5 Handshake and Stress

We were introduced to Glenda Martin when it comes resilience on criticism and feedback from others on our work. As well as coping with it in our lives so we may adapt and grow to these comments while following adversity but not take in rude people who think what they say is always right where it is actually wrong. Stress was also talked about which is always with me 24/7 but comes with the bad and good success in our lives with animation.

There was also talk about our placements and our future on what we would want to do next year. For me placement year with others. We also given the Handshake website which comes with many job roles and professions for any individual. 

Animation Strategies Week 5 Lighting and Optimising

For this lesson this week we were presented to lighting in Unreal Engine. Henry had shown us the process of lighting within the kitchen model by using different types of light, optimising the colour of the objects with the walls and indirect illumination. Compared to last week with the colouring and effects of models this wasn’t too complicated at all this week and gives us ideas what to add within our project which is still a work in progress. 

Here is the kitchen from last week’s exercise with lighting added and has been optimised to the lighting to appear naturally. 



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