Animated Narrative Reflection

Throughout this semester, I have learnt new things and went through some ups and downs for some projects but managed to pull myself up again. Just like the previous assignment with the 2D animation project it was interesting about the 3D concept like the 2D with storyboards and animatics but had rigging and a pre vis to the characters movements as well as lighting in Maya. It was enjoyable with my group having amazing ideas on our project and how to make it better by editing some plot stuff out even if it was a 15 – 30 short animation project for this semester.

However, there was some issues with Maya in the topic of rendering as it took up the whole week to finish my animation and export it to after effects. As well as my team who had trouble in rendering the whole sequence throughout this week while asking for an extension to give us more time to finish it up. It was a struggle some times this animation course especially with Maya and its projects but I thoroughly enjoyed this year and how I learnt  more of animation but I must say I still prefer the 2D more then the 3D.

But for the future, I promise myself that I will try to sort out myself when it comes to animation by doing the summer work and practise more with the animation on Maya or Krita by watching video tutorials and improve my techniques for next semester.

Portfolio Animared Narrative

This project has been quite the experience with 3D animation, just like last semester with a previous project involving 2D animation during Christmas. But it has been time-consuming with this project and how software apps don’t work as intended too especially when it comes to Maya and rendering. But here is my work for the bee project from the beginning of animated narrative class:

Lightbulb Model Final design


Animatic Part


Bully Bee Model Final Design with concept art

Pre-vis part before models were sent out

Second Previs

Final version of Animation

3D Digital Literacy Reflection

This semester with 3D Digital Literacy has been very creative and diligent with 3D while using the software Maya, Substance Painter and Blender for creating the our characters. This assignment 2 is just like the previous when we created objects and sent them off to Sketchfab however this time we used Blender that was very handy and interesting as it opened my mind on how Maya took basic shapes and polygons while Blender was flexible and gave us so many options to create our cute characters. Overall the assignment was very enjoyable but there was some issues with the retopology/UV in Maya and Substance Painter.

The Retopology was very time consuming in Maya and there was times that an objects UV did not show when it was topologized so I had to do it manually which was time consuming. Also substance painter had to go through multiple updates which I had to patiently wait for it to finish. But I managed to get it done in time, I’ve learnt that I maybe have to get better equipment or make sure everything is updated. It became much easier to do the work while watching the videos on blackboard to help me out on any issues I had or had been stuck on.

Intro to Organic Modelling Final submission

Here is my model uploaded to my sketchfab website which I have done over the weeks up till today. Watching the lesson content videos on blackboard from Henry and Mike has really helped me out over the weeks with creating my character. Using Maya and Blender was a fun experience.

Here is my UV from doing the retopology which now I fully understand other than last assignment from re-watching the previous videos on UV located in blackboard to get my head around it. My substance painter kept shutting down so I couldn’t send any pictures of my work on painter but my models are uploaded onto my OneDrive.

Textures and models are onto my OneDrive for here is the link

3D Digital Literacy Assignment 2

Here is the link to my sketchfab website

Cute Character Flowery Assignment 2 – 3D model by LaurenMaxwell3 (@LaurenMaxwell3) [eb33cfb] (

Week 12 Digital & Narrative

For week 12, it was our last week before the Easter holidays where the lecturers would give their guidance for our assignments before submission in May. On Wednesday in 3D Literacy we were going over our models, for I was at the retopology stage when Henry gave some tips to do it faster by using a shortcut or just to do it manually. i decided it do it manually on Maya so there would be no problems with the software.

On Thursday I was not in but I had recorded my part for the PowerPoint presentation for my progress on models and previs. My team informed me what changes had to be made to my animation pre-vis part, the summer practise that was added onto blackboard and what we have to download for semester 2. Furthermore I am working on both projects up to early may so I may submit my assignments on blackboard.

Week 11 3D Digital Literacy UV mapping and Sketchfab

For this week we had learnt on UV mapping and had a sketchfab recap like what we have done for assignment 1 models. For this we learnt on what we had to do after the retopology on Maya and move onto Substance painter before sending it off to Sketchfab before release.

Here is where my blender project has finished with my character, before sending it off to Maya.

For my progress on my character I had saved it a Fbx and moved into Maya ready for retopology.

I watched the lecturers and other videos on YouTube to help work on the retopology faster for my work with Quad draw on specific areas like the arms or petals.

37 – Maya 2015 – Continued Work with Quad Draw – YouTube

Week 10 Narrative – Lighting

For this week we have been learning about lighting within the environment especially for shots and scenes used in animation. We practised lighting on a 3D model in Maya using rendering to make the effect and controlling the volume of lighting to make it brighter. My lecturers showed me HDR images that can be used for the environment when using the aiatomsphere light option.

For our group project I have been working on a prop for the bee project which is an lightbulb for the main character.

Week 10 Digital Literacy – Retopology

For this week we learnt about Retopology which is used for the masking for sculpting characters with polygons from having a high resolution to a smaller resolution, so it can be easier to deform the mesh within the 3D model. Here is my process of the masking of the elephant within the class exercise:

Meanwhile I have been working on my character sculpture by smoothing, adding eyes and working on the arms using the curve tool with Bezier to line them up.

For the curves I watched a YouTube video to help me out with the arms and the worm I have inserted.

Blender Bend Object using Curve Modifier Blender 2.8 – YouTube


Week 9 3D Digital Literacy Character Blocker

For this week we have been working on our 3D characters on Blender, getting some tips and support from our lecturers on how to improve/add in for character with shapes before moving onto the sculpting and adding final designs for our characters. Here is my 3D model which is still a work in process.

I tried doing the petals like how my lecturer did with the elephant ears in the last exercise which can be found on blackboard. The pot, head, and small petals were easy enough just like using Maya.

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