Animation for CI Week 7 “IK-FK Switches and Driven keys”

For our week 7 class we had continued on with part 2 of our rigging class and were introduced to IK and FK with driven keys on Maya. Michael had given us an arm rig to add in the nurb circles and create separate arm rigs for the model for it to move between arm rigs as if we were animating it to move along the top and bottom using IK FK in the attribute editor. Now following Michaels videos on blackboard helped me very much when it came to many controls in the outliner as I would’ve lost my way on the rigging and see how complicated it can be. For not being a rig except I still gave a go at the rig model which was ok at the least.

With my new models done and combined and as well as fixing my old models with edges, UV and combining the models instead of grouping them so my team won’t have any worries with the props for the game included for this Monday I will get a new task assigned to me whether it is prop modelling more assets or helping out with the others if they can’t do some of the models and texture them with substance painter. 

With my assignment 2 I have took a quick look through Alec’s suggested companies for me to pick a specific art style and as well as help me in finding a placement this year. I also took a juke at the 11 second club. So I started looking at the different voice lines and animations which I know I will be doing 2D animation and make a list of the companies I will do an art style for. It’s a start since I’m using my free time wisely.

11 Second Club – The Monthly Character Animation Competition



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