Intro to Organic Modelling Final submission

Here is my model uploaded to my sketchfab website which I have done over the weeks up till today. Watching the lesson content videos on blackboard from Henry and Mike has really helped me out over the weeks with creating my character. Using Maya and Blender was a fun experience.

Here is my UV from doing the retopology which now I fully understand other than last assignment from re-watching the previous videos on UV located in blackboard to get my head around it. My substance painter kept shutting down so I couldn’t send any pictures of my work on painter but my models are uploaded onto my OneDrive.

Textures and models are onto my OneDrive for here is the link

3D Digital Literacy Assignment 2

Here is the link to my sketchfab website

Cute Character Flowery Assignment 2 – 3D model by LaurenMaxwell3 (@LaurenMaxwell3) [eb33cfb] (

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