3D Digital Literacy Reflection

This semester with 3D Digital Literacy has been very creative and diligent with 3D while using the software Maya, Substance Painter and Blender for creating the our characters. This assignment 2 is just like the previous when we created objects and sent them off to Sketchfab however this time we used Blender that was very handy and interesting as it opened my mind on how Maya took basic shapes and polygons while Blender was flexible and gave us so many options to create our cute characters. Overall the assignment was very enjoyable but there was some issues with the retopology/UV in Maya and Substance Painter.

The Retopology was very time consuming in Maya and there was times that an objects UV did not show when it was topologized so I had to do it manually which was time consuming. Also substance painter had to go through multiple updates which I had to patiently wait for it to finish. But I managed to get it done in time, I’ve learnt that I maybe have to get better equipment or make sure everything is updated. It became much easier to do the work while watching the videos on blackboard to help me out on any issues I had or had been stuck on.

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