Assignment 1: Windmill model

For my Assignment 1, we were introduced to 3D modelling at the start of semester 2 in 3D Literacy. We were instructed to create one 3D model, using UV wrap, texture and render the model which would be either a windmill, magic staff, treasure chest, sword and shield, old well, sci fi helmet or a cuckoo clock from our choosing. For me I created at least 5 models for this assignment as it was tricky to pick one of them, however I narrowed it down to the windmill model adding the treasure chest I have done. Here are shots through the process and references I used:

I also added in a treasure chest model with references that I added to my main project

It was an interesting experience with 3D modelling using Maya for the creation of the model and using substance painter for the colour and textures. I used textures such as rust, iron raw damage, grass texture and ship wood for my models creation.

Full version found on sketchfab

Windmill model assignment 1 – 3D model by LaurenMaxwell3 (@LaurenMaxwell3) [570f45f] (


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