Assignment 1: Reflection

Throughout half ofย  semester 2 in 3D Literacy, I want to reflect on my work and exercises within these 6 weeks of 3D modelling along with the assignment 1 and Maya.

At the beginning of this semester, when all us were starting with 3D modelling and introduced to the Maya software, I felt very nervous and unsure as it was my first time creating with 3D modelling and animation as I always preferred the 2D. While 2D is hand-drawn in a sketchbook or on Krita/Photoshop software, 3D still required concept and references from the internet. Throughout these weeks on working on assignment 1 and doing exercises it was starting to feel natural for me as I went along with the UV maps, textures and creating models which I thought looked complicated. Watching the lecturers tutorials gave me the help I needed to go though each exercise and help with my assignment 1 project.

Although there were drawbacks to 3D modelling as well as finishing the final project design, that I have learnt for myself during this course. For starters, it was very time consuming when it came to the modelling stages, mistakes were made with the edges or faces as it became frustrating to fix and get right and finally it also took up a lot of storage space within my laptop desk.

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