This week we watched some of the showreels we had gathered and discussed what made them good. The main points made about the showreels were that a loop animation on the title card looks great and shows the skill of the animator very quickly. Also add your contact information at both the start and the end of the showreel, this makes it easier for the reviewer to find your information quickly. Don’t focus on one animation too much as this can make the showreel boring and not show off your skills fully.



After watching videos on how to edit in Premiere we were tasked with making a showreel using Alec’s older work and showreel.

I mainly focused on character animation so I did not include much about advertising in the showreel. I think it came out quite well, the clips look good together and the pacing is good. I like that in the clips there are little titles in the corner about what the clip is and what Alec did on the clip.

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