This week we had guest speakers in to talk about their experiences in the professional field. The speakers were:

  • Zoe Woods – Blue Zoo (UU 2018 grad)
  • Aisling McElroy – Italic Pig – (UU 2018 grad)
  • Greg Woodcock – Dimension Studio (Swansea 2008 grad)


Zoe Woods

Zoe wanted to work in the game industry when she was in university. She didn’t start work immediately after graduating university, her first job in the industry was working as a runner in BBC Blackstaff. She then worked as a data wrangler for Jam Media, then continued to work for them as a lighting and render. She also worked as a layout Artist for Jam Media, Blue Zoo and Framestore. This is her main job.


Aisling McElroy

Aisling did not get a job immediately, she worked in a bar for a few months. She advertised herself as a generalist to begin with and then got a job with Italic Pig as a runner. She then became a producer and works on about 5 different projects at a time.


Greg Woodcock:

Greg started as a freelancer. He showed his showreel and told us about some of his projects, he has worked on games like ‘Until Dawn’ using motion capture animation. He now works as more of a generalist in the industry.

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