#IXD104 Week 12 – Infographic Critique Session

In our last class at week 12 we had one final critique of our infographics. This gave me the chance for other students to take a look at my infographics so far and allow me to see where I am succeeding and where I need adjusting from both students and Paul. The class also got…Continue Reading #IXD104 Week 12 – Infographic Critique Session

#IXD104 – Infographics Visual Research

Mindmap what im picking To start of I decided to create an unstructured Pinterest board  to collect a broad range of different infographics to explore  how they display data, structure their information and develop their infographics. I found it really interesting at the various techniques different creative approaches which went into a lot of the…Continue Reading #IXD104 – Infographics Visual Research

#IXD104 – Infographic Written Research

Malaria is serious single cell parasitic disease in which if not treated properly it can progressively get worse with sometimes fatal consequences. The parasitic disease is transmitted by the female mosquito fly in which it resides in the salivary glands of the insect ready to be unleashed into an unexpecting human or animal. From here…Continue Reading #IXD104 – Infographic Written Research

#IXD104 Week 11 – Tutorial Session / App Feedback

On this quick 15 minute tutorial session Paul went through my travel app  and gave me feedback on it. This was a good chance to see how Paul thinks of my app, what I’m succeeding at and what needs refined. Travel App (So Far) I was happy to hear that Paul was pleased with my…Continue Reading #IXD104 Week 11 – Tutorial Session / App Feedback

#IXD103 Week 11 – Group Critique

This is my second group critique with Daniel and the class in which I was very happy to see the mainly positive feedback on my brand. It was a good chance to see how everybody else is progressing and the different pathways everyone is going to make their brand unique. What I feel like I’ve…Continue Reading #IXD103 Week 11 – Group Critique