#IXD102 – Website update & Wireframes

Firstly, I decided to go with a modular design with jpeg images on the right and type on the left. I took inspiration from my chosen practitioner incorporating his studies into my work, I want an organized, structured & gridded layout in a column down the left hand side of the page. Website Version 1…Continue Reading #IXD102 – Website update & Wireframes

IXD101 – Core principles

Composition The Golden ratio was created by the Greek mathematician Euclid, it is perceived to be an atheistically pleasing form of Geometry guideline. It is the visual representation of the number PHI (1.618033988749895). Mathematically speaking, two quantities are in the Golden Ratio if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to…Continue Reading IXD101 – Core principles

#IXD101 – Point, Line & Plane

Non-Specific Task   For this task we were asked by Paul to create a play, pause, stop, forward and backwards button on Figma through the select use of shapes. For the outer circle I decreased the opacity, the inner circle I added a gradient and used basic shapes such as squares, triangles, etc. for the…Continue Reading #IXD101 – Point, Line & Plane

#IXD102 – Typeface specimen

Definition – What is a typeface Specimen? A typeface specimen refers to a presentation of a typeface (writing style) which displays random characters from that typeface on a canvas in an artistic flair to showcase its design and/or use in an unique and modern way. It is usually used in media such as magazines, newspapers,…Continue Reading #IXD102 – Typeface specimen

Wilson Minor – When We Build

  Speech: https://vimeo.com/34017777 Reflection on Speech & my Interpretations. After watching a very interesting speech by Wilson Minor it has created more depth and altered my perspectives on screens, design and how we interact with these tools.  It makes you think twice when getting frustrated and thinking “It’s just a website”, it’s more than just…Continue Reading Wilson Minor – When We Build

My Manifesto

Manifestos, Mottos & Mantras What is it? By definition mottos and mantras are a brief induction of words to localize and self-interpret an ideology, belief or ethical/moral stance to give the reader a unique motivational boost of morality and to retain their thought to focus on life/ideological goals. What it means to me and my…Continue Reading My Manifesto