#IXD303 – Empathy Maps, User Journeys & Storyboards

Empathy Map

Initially, I had created this empathy map based on the parent’s perspective – struggling to communicate with their child who is suffering from a mental disorder. Through previous user research such as interviews and surveys, I’ve collected a sufficient amount of insights to look at a parent’s POV and how they behave when in a scenario such as this.

Journey Mapping

A customer journey maps help designers gain insight into a product by evaluating the steps that are taken from a customer’s POV. It allows us to gain valuable insights into the common ‘points of friction’ which can ultimately offer a better user experience through an understanding of the customer.

In this journey map, I have provided an overview visualisation of the process that is taken by a typical customer (parent) and the onboarding process. Providing the timeline, I have sorted the journey into individual sequences such as:

  • Acknowledging the Problem
  • Finding Support – Referrals
  • Considering support – Pros & Cons
  • Deciding on support – Research
  • Onboarding
  • First session



Working off my journey map, I’ve decided to create a more visual presentation of my user’s journey. In this storyboard, I have visually and narratively described the process of how a customer (parent) may use my app from the initial reasoning (which may vary) to the end result. I found it extremely effective in communicating my ideas not only to others but to myself.

1 User 1 (Child) is being bullied at school, his confidence levels and social activity drop.

2 User 2 (Parent) is concerned for his son’s mental well-being seeing it progressively decline. However, her child won’t tell her what is wrong.

3 User 2 is referred to an app that can elevate some of her problems.

4 User 1 sees the app as a safe space and is drawn in both the visual experience.

5 User 1 uses the app to visually express his feelings he otherwise wouldn’t in real life.

User 2 manages to find the underlining problem to her son’s deteriorating well-being.

User 2 uses the app to ensure her son gets better.

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