IXD301 – Logo Development, Element Wireframe Sketches and User Flows

Now that I have a clear understanding of what direction I want my elemental app to go in I can now focus on sketching the first wireframes for it. Below you can see sketches for my brand and wireframes. The Brand For my logo, I tried to think of things that are all symbolic with…Continue Reading IXD301 – Logo Development, Element Wireframe Sketches and User Flows

IXD302 – Proposal Written Content

   Project Proposal   Title Page Client Company Name: Hill Street Belfast—-  LOGO (Use if have permission or ideal) —-  Project Title – Brand & Website Design of Hill Street Belfast  Document Type – (UI/UX Proposal   Version – 1   Submission Date – 04/11/2021  Company Name – CormacIXD  Proposal Authors – Cormac James McCann  Project Reference Number – 01   Confidentiality…Continue Reading IXD302 – Proposal Written Content

IXD302 – A Project Guide to UX Design

Beginning our new proposal deliverable, Daniel told us to read a book called “A Project Guide to UX Design”. For this project, we have to design a UX proposal (Website & Brand) for a nonexisting company which is Hill Street. What is the purpose of having a proposal?  A proposal is a document that is…Continue Reading IXD302 – A Project Guide to UX Design

IXD301 – Sketching Elemental Stories

I created sketches showing the gradual story of each character. For this, I want to show them all interacting with their corresponding elemental object, e.g, Helium Heather plays with her balloon. My purpose is to interact with kids through immersive storytelling and personifying characters to create a compelling learning experience.  I decided to create a…Continue Reading IXD301 – Sketching Elemental Stories

#IXD302 – Proposal Competitor Analysis

One of the deliverables for IXD302 is to create a website and brand proposal for a non-existential company named Hill Street which is a real location in Belfast located near the cathedral quarter.  To begin my research I must analysis and dissect other local competitive websites in order to get a better contextual understanding for…Continue Reading #IXD302 – Proposal Competitor Analysis

IXD301 – Designing on Webflow

Before I start creating my website I have to create a few things to help make the process of building a website less sophisticated and more efficient. Thankfully, I have recently made a brand/style guideline for my website. I am using a lot of the material from last year such as colour scheme, typography and…Continue Reading IXD301 – Designing on Webflow

IXD301 – Instagram Task

For week 6, we learned all about promotional strategy and discussed things such as social storytelling. This brings us to our current task that Kyle has set for us which is to showcase our portfolio website on Instagram through stories and a post. Creating the story When creating an Instagram story I need to create…Continue Reading IXD301 – Instagram Task

IXD301 – Digitising Wireframes for The Element Project

With any project it is important for me to get a clear and straight understanding of the product that I am designing, for me, this means creating digital mock-ups or in this case digital wireframes to clarify each design choice of my interface is justifiable and reasonable. Colour Codes Turquoise – Elemental Backdrop Pink –…Continue Reading IXD301 – Digitising Wireframes for The Element Project

IXD301 – Elemental Symbolism & Character Development Moodboard – Pinterest

For my intended app, there is a big emphasis on the attributes and symbolic references of my characters meaning they will be all symbolic in everyday human-made objects e.g. helium = balloon. In order to present a visual representation of my ideas towards a certain element, I will be creating mood boards of each individual…Continue Reading IXD301 – Elemental Symbolism & Character Development Moodboard – Pinterest

IXD301 – Element Exhibit at Ulster Museum

In week 7 one of our tasks was to explore the recently composed elemental exhibit located on the third floor of the Ulster Museum beside Botanic. I decided to go to check it out as it could give me some ideas or extra knowledge about my project and the periodic table.     Despite coming…Continue Reading IXD301 – Element Exhibit at Ulster Museum