IXD103 Project 01 – Design application (bank cards design )

Now that I have got the wordmark and logo decided, it is time to consider its applications. We were given some ideas as to we can apply our brand to;

The first thing I want to apply my brand to is what I considered one of the essential assets of a Bank – Credit cards.  In class, the lecture notes on the Monzo bank card ( the one in purple and blue) gave me some inspiration. I really like the gradient, and since i know that i can create a nice gradient with my logo colours, I feel like I can do something similar;

I did some research online, can found this really good blog called “40+ Creative and Beautiful Credit Card Designs

The blog showcases some very good credit card designs which served as the inspiration behind my experiment. I noticed that they were a few types of different customisations that I could go for. I summarised the 3 main groups;

The first type contains photography;








There are the really illustrated/graphicly illustrated ones;


and lastly, the more abstract graphic designed ones;












I wanted to try out the photography and abstract graphic design type customisation. I don’t think the illustrative style fits my brand, I have got no mascot or particular illustrations in mind that would associate with my brand.

My first idea for the bank card was inspired by the gradient Monzo card in class, I wanted to do something with a gradient. I found a bank card template in Fimga Communities called the “Diamond Bank Card (Community)”. I like the transparent top, its very different to all the other ones that I have online before;

I applied my own gradient to it;










My next idea for the bank card came from a wallpaper design. I wanted to when I was researching triangle shapes used in designs. I came across this picture;

A triangle feature wall in bold colors by Ashlyn Gibson grabs attention on the cover of her book, “Creative Family Home.”

and I translated that into a bankcard design;


I liked the first design the best, thus I made that prototype in Figma;











The final idea came around when I was looking for bank card inspirations on Figma online communities, I found this particular set of bank cards, and the holographic card caught my eye;













I loved the texture and how clean it looks but at the same time reflected spectrums of light. I applied the holographic background to my brand;



Lastly, I explored the photography bankcard ideas with photos I found on Unsplash;

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