IXD104- Final Infographic Design

Infographic on Ireland

This is my Final verision of my Infographic. I took on advice from last weeks Group Critique and made changes. I decided to scale up the size of map. I searched on Google a Map of each of the 5 biggest cities in Irealand and traced around the outline of them and used a blue colour to fill them in. Then I placed them onto the map approitately. I felt doing this was a better way of presenting the info rather than in the circles which I orginally had. I made the content espeically the stats alot bigger to highlight the important info. I also gathered more content which I felt was relevant such as Native Language, Top 5 Non-Irish Nationalities, Currency, Religions and Ethnic Groups. I decided to add more visual graphics in order to make it more appealing to the user.

Overall I am happy with the final outcome of my Infographic design. I really enjoyed making and working on this task. Once I completed it give me a good statification seeing what I have achieved. I feel I added in relative information on my chosen targert and included an apporitate colour scheme. I am pleased with my attempt and felt I put good effort into my work. I made sure I hightlighted and represented the data as best I could. I believe I shown good content on screen and hopefully people will find out a lot of interesting facts and figures on my infographic about Ireland.


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